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This page is a dedication to the best band ever, Metallica!! Over the years they have provided us with great music from the soal, unlike the new trash the radio plays. They played the music they loved even though radio and tv wouldn't play them, and because of this, Metallica Rocks!! Click on the banner at the bottom, for a chance to meet the one and only true rock and roll band around, MetallicA!

Nash'z midis and links

Of Wolf And Man Midi: Cool MetallicA song
Nothing Else Matters Midi: Nothing Else Matters by MetallicA
My Friend of Misery Midi: MetallicaAmidi
Memory Remains Midi: MetallicA midi
Unforgiven Midi: MetallicA midi Unforgiven
Enter Sandman Midi: MetallicA Midi Enter Sandman
Don't Tread On Me Midi: MetallicA Midi
Wherever I May Roam Midi: Wherever I May Roam Midi by MetallicA
Fade To Black Midi: Fade To Black Midi By MetallicA
Raspberry Beret Midi: Prince Midi
When Doves Cry Midi: Prince Midi
1999 Midi: Prince Midi
Nash'z 2pac Site 4 Playaz Only: My 2pac site
Brad's MetallicA Site: A very good MetallicA Site Offering, Midis,Videos, Fonts, Info, and Much Much More
My CD-NOW site: A great site to buy music safely, and inexpensively. Please shop here!!! So I can win stuff!!
Herbie Hancock Rock It Midi:
Big Shot Midi: