Bow   Down   2   the   Masses!

I toss and turn. I toss and turn. Now Break it down! What's my, modivation? Who's the icon? 2pac is certainly one of the icons in music today. His music has touched people in the cities, tall white boys from the burbs(like myself), and even people who felt that they hated rap music. If you feel the same way, try to influence the others to give him a chance, so they to can feel the impact this man has made. I'm the best at keeping the ball in play. Chicks dig tennis playaz.

The Best Links In The History of This Page

Zero's Tupac Site
Video game site (Levels 4 Duke3d&Quake)
Super Rom House
Illegal rom site (free sega&nes games 4 computer)
Dear mama song by pac
ana godda da vida midi
ana godda da vida midi
Danger Zone midi
Danger Zone midi
Hollywood Hulk Hogan's entrance theme on midi
Enter Sandman Midi
The best song by Metallica on midi!!
California Luv midi
This is the best Cali Luv midi ever
Nash'z WWF Site
A great site with WWF animated Gifs
I Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto Real Audio-2pac
One of 2pac's best songs
Enter Sandman Real Audio (sound's kinda bad)
Poopy's page
This site haz some dre+snoop songz
Korn and Metallica midis
A zip I put together with Metallica and Korn midis
Prince midis
A zip with Prince midis
Dave Mathews Band zip
Dmb midis zipped
zip file with some cool midis
Jimi Hendrix midis
Jimi Hendrix midis zipped
A Great, Safe Site To Buy Cd's From at a Reasonable Price